Guided Chaos

The Guided Chaos self defence system is based on a transcendent mix of principles from Native American systems, Greek Elephtheri Pali, Tai Chi and World War II Close Quarter Combat.

Building on these principles, New York police officer John Perkins devised the art of Guided Chaos in 1978. His experiences in hundreds of real life bloody confrontations made him re–evaluate classical self defence methods and devise a system that works with the unchoreographed nature of street violence. Please see the Attackproof website for further details.

The Unity class offers a friendly and safe environment in which to train. Beginners mix in with the more advanced students right from the start ensuring your progress is fast and fun.

Your first lesson is completely free and we cater for all age groups and abilities. You can pay as you go or save money by paying for a month in advance. Call Mick on 0788 307 3930 before visiting for the first time.