Want to improve your fitness or do you lack confidence?

Want to improve your fitness or do you Lack confidence?

Then why not try out a new Martial Art In Slough.

Great for fitness, fun to learn & Personal is available in every art.

Regular Martial Arts practice can help develop a persons confidence and strength of character by providing them with skills needed to enable them to stand up to negative peer pressure and other intimidating circumstances. At Unity we believe that as each person increases their knowledge of the art & progresses through the system they receive a real sense of achievement which further increases confidence.

The different movements involved in martial arts improve a person’s agility, strength & flexibility.

The concentration & coordination required to complete each different technique has been shown to have a positive effect on an individual’s cognitive abilities & attention levels.

At Unity Martial Arts Academy we have a huge variety of awesome Martial Arts classes all located under one roof.

We have Ju Jitsu, Self-defence, kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Russian Sombo and Judo.

Come down and try one of our regular classes for free.

Call now on 07883 073 930 or email us through our contact page.

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