Unity Ju Jitsu

Learn Ju Jitsu For Fitness, For Self Defence, For Fun

What is Ju Jitsu?

JU JITSU has its heritage in the oldest & most effective of all the Martial Arts.
JU JITSU is practiced by millions of people worldwide today;

It’s popularity is due to its practical applications, the fascinating concepts & philosophy. Our syllabus will teach you the physical & mental aspects of combat, from learning to stand in strong stances up to the use of the most intricate & athletic techniques to disarm an attacker

Unity-Ju-JitsuLearn Ju Jitsu. For Fitness, For Self Defence, For Fun.

Ju Jitsu can help develop a persons confidence and strength of character by providing them with skills needed to enable them to stand up to negative peer pressure and other intimidating circumstances.

We believe that as each person increases their knowledge of the art & progresses through the system they receive a real sense of achievement which further increases confidence.

The different movements involved in martial arts improve a persons agility, strength & flexibility. The concentration & coordination required to complete each move and techniques has been shown to have a positive effect on a persons cognitive abilities & attention levels.

Respect is a core value of any Martial Arts training and we always emphasise the importance of discipline & courtesy to all of our students.

About the Instructor

Unity Founder – Martin James

Originally Martin’s martial arts career originally started with judo when he was aged 14 where he completed an intensive course at Crystal Palace.

However despite enjoying the introduction to martial arts it was rugby that occupied him for the next twenty years.

Martin is still a member of the Farnham Royal Rugby club and a former Buckinghamshire County (under 19 & 21) scrum half and continues to play the sport locally. Martin has been involved in the Farnham Royal club since aged 16 and has been Club Captain twice, honorary secretary for a number of years as well as a number of other committee positions throughout the years.

In 2000 Martin was introduced to Combat Academy Founder Master Ian Gauldie. Martin began learning both Ju Jitsu & kick boxing under Master Gauldie and was eventually awarded his black belt in December 2005.

In 2003 Martin also began training with fellow Unity Founder & instructor Steve Morrison.

Usually they met up twice a week before work at around 6.45am working for an hour mainly doing ground fighting.

It was a gruelling session and sometimes difficult to get to, but once it was over you’d feel like you had really achieved something.

Martin is passionate about all his sports and believes in the philosophy of Ralph W. Emerson in that “Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm”. It is this belief that is a primary focus in any of his training.

Martin is black belt in Ju Jitsu and continues to train and advance his own learning through dedicated Ju Jitsu training. He is currently still working under Unity instructor Steve Morrison and with Icon Jiu Jitsu Head Instructor Ze Marcello where he now holds a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

About the class

Come and join  Martin James for a unique class, combining traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sombo (Russian Jacket Wrestling) and Judo style fighting.

Classes are held every Monday evening from 6pm to 7pm (No Gi), Monday Evening from 7pm to 8pm (With a Gi)  & Every Saturday from 12.15pm to 1.30pm

Please Contact Martin James on 07721 410 526