Slough Cobra’s

Sensei Junior Senior is the founder and chief Instructor of Slough Cobras. Junior was introduced to martial arts in Wolverhampton in the early 1980’s by Joshua Johnson (JJ) a 7 Dan Wada-Ryu Karate style Instructor.

Junior trained in Karate for 5 years and achieved an excellent standard before moving to Berkshire. He wasted no time finding a local school where he began practising kickboxing for the next 15 years and became a renowned personality on the light continuous circuit fighting for Warlords and Castle Warriors clubs.

Slough Cobra’sJunior strived to increase his knowledge in the various martial arts so much so that he began to study other discipline such as: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Boxing

Junior has been training with the Slough Amateur Boxing Club to further improve his boxing skills. Training and sparring with the local talent both in and out of the ring. This lead him to attend a boxing Tutor course for the ABA. After completing the course starting a boxing class for people keen to learn boxing basic skills was the next thing. This bought Junior to the Unity Academy on Wednesdays 7- 8pm, Junior continued to compete in numerous Kickboxing Competitions and went on to win X2 Southern Area Full Contact Belts.