Guided Chaos Self Defence

About the class

“The fastest way to learn superior self defence is by learning how to feel and adapt to violent attacks spontaneously without memorised, sportive or patterned techniques…”

The Guided Chaos self defence system is based on a transcendent mix of principles from Native American systems, Greek Elephtheri Pali, Tai Chi and World War II Close Quarter Combat.

Guided Chaos Self DefenceBuilding on these principles, New York police officer John Perkins devised the art of Guided Chaos in 1978. His experiences in hundreds of real life bloody confrontations made him re-evaluate classical self defence methods and devise a system that works with the unchoreographed nature of street violence. Please see the Attackproof website for further details.

The Unity class offers a friendly and safe environment in which to train. Beginners mix in with the more advanced students right from the start ensuring your progress is fast and fun.

Your first lesson is completely free and we cater for all age groups and abilities. You can pay as you go or save money by paying for a month in advance. call Mick on 0788 307 3930 before visiting for the first time.


The last year has been an amazing year for the development of Guided Chaos in the U.K!

Many of the students have improved their level of skill dramatically and have really impressed myself and the Guided Chaos masters. It’s important for us the keep our momentum going and keep the ball rolling. We need more people involved and we are planning a training trip to New York for later in the year.

The 2012 Guided Chaos seminar was a huge success and the GC Masters were very impressed by our progress and are excited for the future of the art in the UK. Let’s not forget our European family that made the effort to travel over for the seminar. It’s important that GC continues to grow, not only in the U.K but within Europe as well. The current students are at the forefront of casting the net far and wide and spreading the word. This would not be possible without your continued support and participation for which I am truly grateful. Thank you!

It is with this in mind I’d like to thank Muz and Chris for starting their own classes as well as being willing to cover the regular classes here at Unity.


The annual Guided Chaos membership fee is due now and needs to be paid by 31st January. All students must pay the annual fee of £15 in order to train and attend class.

Monthly standing orders are changing. Please see below for the relevant pricing:
4 lessons per month £24
Drop in classes £7
Private lessons (1 hour) £35
10 Private Lessons £250

Please amend your existing standing orders to reflect the above.

2013 promises to be an amazing year for Guided Chaos in the UK and I look forward to increased numbers and continued success!

Kind Regards
Mick James
January 2013


Weekly Classes

Wednesday 2000-2100 at Unity Martial Arts Academy, Slough.
Call Mick on 0788 307 3930 for further details.

Guided Chaos - Attack ProofPrivate Lessons

Personalised private lessons in Guided Chaos and self defence are available. One hour of private tuition – £35. Book a block of 10 lessons for only £250.

Three Hour Self Defence Training Sessions

An ideal way to jump start your self defence training or improve your existing skills. The next session will be on Sunday February 24th 2013 1100 – 1400. £15. Call Mick on 0788 307 3930 to book.


Two Day Course

Two day courses in Guided Chaos self defence are held throughout the year. Please check back for the details of the next two day Guided Chaos course which will be announced here as soon as details become available.

About The Instructor

Unity Founder Michael James is the only Guided Chaos black belt in the UK.

Mick James has had a passion for the martial arts since the age of 15. After many years of Wing Tsun experience he gained a Black Sash, Tai Chi Chuan, achieved 1st Dan Kenjitsu Kia and is qualified as a CSSD basic instructor.

Mick is one of the few martial artists to achieve a 2nd Dan Black Belt in the art of Guided Chaos and he is officially the only instructor in Europe. In addition has studied and achieved grades in many other martial arts.

His journey has allowed him to train, learn and achieve a high level of competence within different disciplines giving him the drive, determination and skills to be a first class teacher.

Mick has trained with many masters of the martial arts including Grand Master John Perkins (Guided Chaos ), Russell Stuteley (OCFM), Guru Dan Inosanto, Keith Kernspecht (Wing Tsun), Erle Montaigue (Yang Tai Chi), Cliff Alderson (Wing Tsun) Vic Hothi (Wing Tsun), Paul Breecher (Tai Chi), Jon Alexander (Tai Chi, Kenjitsu) and Darren Davies (CSSD).

Mick currently runs three Guided Chaos classes a week (see above for details).
Contact Mick on 0788 307 3930


“I came across Guided Chaos several years ago from the ‘Attackproof’ book and trained using materials from the US for sometime whilst cross training in various other arts. Finally I found Mick, who is officially the only Guided Chaos black belt in the country. It’s rare to find a good teacher with both humility and skill and Mick is one of those exceptional instructors with both of those qualities. Needless to say I’ve trained with him ever since and no longer train in any other art.

If you’re interested in learning real world self defence you should be training in Guided Chaos… In this country that means you should be training with Mick.”

Chris, Tring, Hertfordshire.

“Mick James is an excellent teacher of self defence and martial arts. His wide range of experience and his obvious passion are evident at every lesson. Helpful and understanding at every stage he intuitively knows exactly the right advice to give to help you progress safely and swiftly on your martial arts journey. If you are remotely interested in quickly and efficiently gaining real self defence skills that work on the street rather than in the sporting environment of the gym or dojo, I highly recommend you give him a call.”

Simon, Reading, Berkshire.

“I’ve found Mick James to be an excellent instructor, very friendly and approachable. He also has the knack of pinpointing exactly where you are going wrong, and in a straightforward way he helps you to effectively grasp concepts as you train. The class prices are also very reasonable and affordable, and I would recommend the training to anyone looking for a quality, realistic martial art.”

Mark, Watford, Hertfordshire

“Being an actor I have to learn different combat styles for different roles. Unity Martial Arts Academy is unique with so many different Martial Arts under one roof. The facilities are great And best of all instructors are friendly and proficient.”

Shiraz Khan, Slough, Berkshire



Guided Chaos UK Resources


Guided Chaos Books – essential reading!




There’s an excellent article on the Guided Chaos system of self defence that has just been published in The Forensic Examiner.

The Guided Chaos article is based on an interview with Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour USMC, co-author of the Guided Chaos bible Attack Proof: The Ultimate Guide To Personal Protection.

CLICK HERE to download the article as a PDF file (Adobe Reader required)


The concept of Guided Chaos can take a little getting used to. It’s fair to say that it’s best to undertake your first three or four lessons with an open mind and a degree of faith as the ideas and thinking behind this unique system of self defence are different to other martial arts, especially the sports-focussed ones. There is of course plenty of reading material available on the Attackproof website (the home of Guided Chaos) but we thought these videos would provide a useful introduction as to the basics of the system.

For some more advanced footage, these two videos make for some interesting viewing, particularly if you have previous martial arts experience.

Guided Chaos founder John Perkins conducts the core Guided Chaos practice drill of Contact Flow with four partners – first at slow speed and then a little faster. Contact Flow is one of our main practice drills. It subliminally programmes your subconscious to be aware of the the position and intent of your opponent at all times during an attack. A few months practice will teach your body to avoid strikes whilst gaining access to your opponents vulnerable areas without even thinking about it – even in the dark. Sounds far fetched? Come along to a class with an open mind and experience Guided Chaos for yourself.

Al Ridenhour discusses why ‘tools’ (strikes, blows etc.) are not enough when fighting for your life.


CLICK HERE for a link to the Guided Chaos Youtube channel for more videos.
Questions? Call Mick on 0788 307 3930