Combat Academy Self Defence for Kids

About the instructor

Mark is a former Windsor Boys School Student. He is a Combat Academy UK Black Belt under Master Ian Gauldie and has been with the Combat Academy UK club for seven years. Mark is still a member of the Farnham Royal Rugby club, playing the game on a weekly basis.

Combat AcademyAbout the class

His childrens class teaches both Kick-Boxing and Self Defense for all abilities. In the Academy we develop a child’s confidence and strength of character by providing them with the skills needs to stand up to negative peer pressure and other intimidating circumstances. We believe that as each child increases their knowledge of the art and progresses through the grading system they receive a real sense of achievement which further increases confidence. The different movements involved in Martial Arts improve agility, strength and flexibility. The concentration and coordination required to complete each move and technique have been proven to show positive effects on a child cognitive abilities and attention levels.

Contact Mark 07736 642 851