Over the last decade violent attacks have soared by 77 per cent to 1.158million or more than two every single minute.

Unity Ju Jitsu can possibly help…


Ju Jitsu has its heritage in the oldest & most effective of all of the Martial Arts.

It is practiced by millions of people worldwide today; its popularity is due to its practical applications, it’s fascinating concepts & of course it’s ancient philosophy. The Unity Ju Jitsu syllabus will teach you the physical & mental aspects of combat, from learning to stand in strong stances up to the use of the most intricate & athletic techniques to disarm a potential armed or un-armed attacker.

We Guarantee you will:-

Get Fitter, Lose weight, Learn how to defend yourself & your loved ones, Have fun & meet likeminded people.


Every Monday from 6pm,

Monday at 7pm &

Saturday at 12.15pm.

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